Introducing $HALO

A method of on-chain reputational capital accumulation

Ha·lo: “the aura of glory, veneration, or sentiment surrounding an idealized person or thing.” - Merriam-Webster.

Halo is a method of generating on-chain reputational capital through game play and participation in gaming communities. Halo is non-tradeable between players, and serves to generate trusted pseudononymous identities.
Halo is both:
  • An "achievement graph" of tokenized events generated by game developers and other parties to reflect actions taken by the player.
  • A system of loyalty rewards- a "Halo currency"- that can be exchanged for in-game benefits.
What follows is an exploration of the potential utilty of a Halo token, as companion to the $RDYX token in the Ready Games ecosystem.
Last modified 9mo ago