Getting Started

Tech Requirements

RGN For Unity requires the following:
  • Unity 2020 LTS or later
    • It is always recommended to use a late version of Unity for bug fixes and up-to-date compatibility.
    • Unity 2020.3.11f is officially supported & preferred version
  • Xcode 13.x when developing games for iOS
    • Deployment target of 12.0 or higher
  • Android Studio 4.x or higher (when building games for Android)
    • Android API Level 24 (Android 7.0) or higher

Sign Up for RGN SDK

Before you begin integrating the RGN SDK, you need to create an account on the RGN Developer Console. The Developer Console is your primary workspace for creating, customizing, and managing your RGN games.
RGN Developer Console is still in Invite only Phase, Our team will create project for you and send you required credentials.

Example Project

In order to minimise the level of effort on setting up pre-requisite SDKs such as Facebook, Firebase, GoogleSignIn, Apple; We combined them in an Example Project. Github link
It's recommended that you copy entire repo in your project.

Download RGN SDK

Download our latest RGN SDK as .unitypackage.
Contact our team to get a download link

Integration Support

If you are unable to find a solution in our documentation you can reach out to us directly.