Market Making

Market making incentives
Central to the success of the READYgg gaming ecosystem is the use of $RDYX to incentivise long-term investment and behavior by key stakeholders: developers, creators, and players.
The more tokens are held by active participants in the ecosystem- as opposed to passive investors- the higher the probability that the value of the ecosystem will work to everyone’s mutual benefit. To stimulate long-term cooperation, Ready envisions strategic use of $RDYX, under the theme of “dev to earn, create to earn, play to earn.”
Tokens in the Ecosystem Fund finance initiatives to encourage developer, creator, and player adoption. This can be seen as a type of “marketing budget” for growing the ecosystem with high-quality participants. Examples by type of stakeholder include:
  • Dev to earn.
  • Create to earn.
  • Play to earn.
In each of these cases, READYgg is mindful that it may be appropriate to put a vesting schedule on ecosystem development token issuances. It’s premature to reach a blanket conclusion on whether grants should or should not fall under vesting, let alone design a “one size fits all” vesting strategy for community grants. Rather, it is presumed that vesting schedules can be attached to token grant programs on a case-by-case basis. Ready plans to carefully monitor token grant issuances, and adjust vesting rules if/when market dynamics indicate they advance the cause of long-term ecosystem building and stability.