Step 1 - Import packages

Package Dependencies

In case you use an older version of Unity you need to add the Newtonsoft Json package. You can install it by pasting following into your manifest.json file:

"com.unity.nuget.newtonsoft-json": "3.2.1",

In the new Unity versions the Newtonsoft Json is build in to Unity. No need to install the package.

Dependencies Installation:

  1. Git package repository link. The easiest way to add the Firebase dependencies and the READYgg SDK into your project is to use READYgg package distribution. You need simply put the package git repository links into manifest.json file. See instructions below.


  1. Open [project_dir]/Packages/manifest.json file in your favorite text editor

  2. Paste following lines:

"io.getready.rgn.achievement": "",
"": "",
"io.getready.rgn.core": "",
"io.getready.rgn.currency": "",
"io.getready.rgn.gamepass": "",
"io.getready.rgn.gameprogress": "",
"io.getready.rgn.inventory": "",
"io.getready.rgn.leaderboard": "",
"io.getready.rgn.matchmaking": "",
"io.getready.rgn.messaging": "",
"": "",
"io.getready.rgn.signin.guest": "",
"": "",
"io.getready.rgn.userprofile": "",
"io.getready.rgn.virtualitems": "",
"io.getready.rgn.wallets": "",

If you don't need some of the functionality, you can try to remove some modules.

Partially removing some of the modules while keeping the others has not been thoroughly tested yet by the RGN team, if you encounter any issues please contact us.

The manifest.json file after all changes should look similar to this:

Afterwards switch to Unity and wait until the packages import finishes.

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