Game (Progression + Rewards)

Benefits and Use Cases

Feature Overview

For titles where levels or matches are played, the Game Module allows you to track player progress and give rewards when a level/match is completed.

Key Benefits

  1. Customizable: You are able to customize the trigger for progression (for example, after completing a level in a puzzle game, or after winning a match in a MOBA) and also enter custom rewards. Currency or XP rewards are supported by default, and you may also set up custom rewards to give, like crafting material or reward boxes.

In-Game Implementation

There are some best practices to keep in mind when it comes to giving your player some rewards for completing a level or match. It's common in a variety of genres across platforms to take a moment and clearly communicate what your player has earned and, often, have them manually tap or press a button to claim their rewards. The goal here is to alleviate potential confusion for players on the type and quantity of rewards they receive - and as a result, minimize emails for support from players who incorrectly think they didn't receive a reward!

If you also give a player rewards when they level up make sure to take a similar approach! An animation is sufficient without rewards, but if rewards are given consider triggering a modal or screen to allow the player to claim them.