User Profile

Benefits and Use Cases

Feature Overview

READYgg's User Profile by default supports a player username and profile photo that players can customize in-game. Players can customize the profile picture by uploading a photo from their camera roll. The username is the minimum requirement - meaning you have the freedom to implement the profile in-game in such a way that suits your game.
A player's in-game currency wallet (not to be confused with a crypto wallet) is also associated with their profile. Currency includes any existing currencies in your game + RGN-Coins - a special virtual currency obtainable only via IAP and used for purchasing NFT virtual items. See the Currency and Virtual Items guides for more details.

Key Benefits

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    Persistent Player Identity: If the player has set a username and picture in a different RGN title then it will be automatically filled in your game when they log in.
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    Flexible: Implement the UI/UX in-game based on your needs.

In-Game Implementation

In order to enable READYgg's complete tech stack players must sign in or create their Ready account. The most minimal in-game implementation will involve displaying the username of the player so they have visual confirmation that they have successfully signed in with the proper account.
User Profile with Name & Photo Example
The profile photo element is optional, and whether or not it makes sense to include both the player username and photo is largely determined by the genre of your game.
Profile name only example
Editing the Username
Multiplayer titles where the player does not control an avatar are the most common use case for utilizing both a customizable name and profile photo.
For example, multiplayer poker games have an emphasis on the player's identity and skill but not so much emphasis that a fully customizable avatar is required - making the profile photo a perfect choice.
If you have a single-player game where the player controls an avatar then it is entirely optional to include a customizable profile photo - players already have an identity in the form of their avatar.