READYgg SDK Documentation

Module Requests

List of features available to be added to the SDK
READYgg has developed and deployed on iOS and Android a variety of in-game features that are not yet a part of our SDK. We continuously add these features to the SDK as developers request them - You can review the list here and get in touch if there's a particular feature you'd like integrated into the SDK!

READYgg Feature List by request

  • Rewarded Ads: Watch ads for a currency or item reward.
  • Leaderboards: Bucketed by Country & Global with timed rollover
  • Daily Goals: quests/goals that refresh daily and give rewards
  • Friends: persistent friends across the ecosystem
  • Online Friends Menu: Invite online friends to start a game, see who is online and what they are playing
  • Direct Messaging: text chat with friends
  • Voice Chat & Calls: Call a friend, or use voice chat during a multiplayer game
  • Voice Modulation: chat with a variety of voice effects
  • Emotes: For multiplayer gameplay
  • Activity Centre: surface announcements and social notifications to players
  • 3D Avatar: customizable avatar with support for facial tracking
  • Creator Tools: allow players to create content in your game - support for any type of asset
  • Social Feed: Infinitely scrolling, supports trending and followed content
  • Post Creation Tools: Allow players to create and share posts
  • Chat Rooms: allow up to 20 players in a single instance of a room, support for public and private voice & text