Benefits and Use Cases

Feature Overview

Nearly any game can benefit from an achievement system! The achievements module allows you to track progress for specific actions a player takes in your game. You can optionally add rewards for completing achievements in the form of currency or virtual items and also set specific achievements to be repeatable.

You can also optionally give NFT virtual items as rewards for achievements if desired - this would be a great way to reward engaged players who focus on completing achievements.

However, note that NFTs that are given as rewards to players may not be infused with $AURA and are instead NFTs in the traditional sense.

Therefore NFT items given as rewards are still compelling collectables for players but the health of the ecosystem token economy is preserved.

Key Benefits

  1. On-Chain Achievements: You can allow a player to view their achievements from all supported ecosystem titles or from specific titles in the ecosystem if you choose. Achievements are also tracked as part of the player's ecosystem profile.

  2. Flexible: Implement the achievement types & in-game UI/UX that best suit your needs.

  3. Support for Varied Rewards Types: If desired you may assign various reward types for achievement completion. Have players collect badges for completing achievements, or set up an achievement structure that guides and rewards players new to the game.

In-Game Implementation

The types of actions you use to create your achievements are largely determined by your goals for the feature, and how involved you want players to be in the achievements system overall.

Do you want to give achievements only for the very hardest tasks that a player can do? You might consider making tough, repeatable achievements that provide a source of currency.

Looking to onboard new players? You can use achievements like a trail of breadcrumbs for players to follow as they progress through the game, gathering rewards as they discover and explore. Your achievements in that case will likely focus on giving rewards or even just XP for completing unique actions a small number of times.

Another possibility is to add a new layer of prestige for your most engaged players by leveraging achievements as a system to allow them to collect a set of NFT rewards. When creating the balancing for your achievements you can aim to create enough difficulty that players will be required to sink resources and/or spent significant effort in-game - thereby incentivizing desired behaviour as players aim to collect the complete set of NFTs!

In parallel to your creation of achievement types and balancing, you'll also need a place to host your achievements in-game, and possibly also trigger some communication to player when they get progress. See the image below for an example.

Some titles might opt to include achievements as part of the profile, others may give achievements their own distinct menu.

You'll also want to include someplace for a player to read how they might complete the achievement - in the above example, achievements look like badges so players tap to open a detail window.

You may also choose to let players know when they complete achievements, like in the example above. If doing so would disrupt your game flow in a way you'd like to avoid, you could instead add a callout to the achievements menu so the player can navigate there in their own time.