READYgg SDK Documentation


Guides on Player-Facing Implementation of READYgg Modules
So you've got a handle on how to integrate READYgg's SDKs into your game's code - but what about the in-game side of integration? All of READYgg modules have been deployed live and undergone analytics-driven tuning to determine the most effective ways to implement the features in-game.
This section of Ready's documentation is devoted to sharing these learnings and best practices for Web3 integration with you. A companion Game Design Guide is available for each of our modules that will provide you with examples of in-game UI/UX + illustrate various ways you can modify each module's in-game behaviour to suit your needs!
We hope that these Game Design Guides (to be referred to as GDG in the rest of the documentation) will help you save some time in planning your next Web3 feature integration, or spark some inspiration for the latest GDD you are working on!