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Currency (IAP)

Benefits and Use Cases

Feature Overview

The Currency In-App Purchase Module deals with any regular virtual currency you would like to sell via IAP + includes our purpose-built currency - RGN-Coins.
In order to sell NFT Virtual Items to players you must require the player to purchase those NFTs with RGN-Coins.
There are several reasons for this requirement, one of the most important is the need for payment verification to safeguard against cheaters. Payment verification for In-App Purchases is not simple to develop and the large majority of games will, when necessary, find other ways to identify cheaters and then restrict them for certain parts of the game.
RGN-Coins also allow you to leverage Web3 strategies in your game without disrupting your existing economy.

Key Benefits

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    Mobile App Store Compliant: Purchasing an NFT virtual item in the same manner as a regular virtual item (with in-game currency) is compliant with iOS and Android.
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    Verified In-App Purchases: Since NFTs minted in the ecosystem contain $AURA and as a result have real value, a cheater would actually be stealing money from a developer by using an in-app payment exploit for currency to spend on an NFT. With Ready's currency IAP module, your minted NFTs will be safeguarded from any cheaters sneaking around in your game!
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    White-Label: RGN-Coins is our internal name for the secured currency to purchase NFTs. You may choose any player-facing name and icon design that works for your game's theme - gems, orbs, diamonds, whatever fits best!

In-Game Implementation Examples

RGN-Coins fall under the "Hard Currency" classification for in-game currencies. This means it's a premium currency that may only be acquired in large quantities via IAP. A typical hard currency will usually have a few sources for free players to acquire small amounts over time, and your game likely already has a currency that fits this description. RGN-Coins differ in that it is only acquired by IAP.
Of course, the best practices for merchandising the IAP bundles and price points remain the same as any typical currency purchase. The screen capture below illustrates 3 common merchandising strategies that you may want to incorporate in your currency shop.
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    Most Popular & Best Value Banners: RGN-Coins are balanced to give the best value at the most expensive purchase, so the placement would be similar to what we see above. Your in-house currency may vary! The placement of the "Most Popular" is commonly a merchandising tactic rather than a reflection of popularity. A/B testing different placements will help you determine the optimal placement to increase your monetization KPI (a safe starting point would be the first purchase that gives a discount/bonus!)
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    Purchase Bonus Percentage: Everybody wants to get the most out of their money. Make sure to communicate the bonus currency (as shown above) or discount percentage of your currency IAP bundles! This approach is seen in a huge variety of game stores - and it makes logical sense to communicate to players that they get a better deal for spending more money.
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    Purchase ThumbnailI Design: It's always nice to update the visuals alongside indicating the quantity of currency to reflect the increase. It adds visual polish and additionally can be digested at a glance compared to utilizing numbers alone.