UGC Asset Marketplace + Customization System

  • Creators can utilize the marketplace infrastructure in READYgg to sell their NFT backed game objects. A creator could be another player, or a fashion brand.
  • READYgg has developed powerful customization tools that can run in-game, at the option of the developer.
  • This allows for a thriving “Creator Economy”, with ownership and property rights seamlessly bound into smart contracts backing the objects for sale.
  • Tokenization of the UGC marketplace creates strong incentives for Creators to invest material amounts of time building high quality objects, building a design brand, fan followings, and promoting their designs.

Creator analytics

  • Ready provides live analytics on the performance of game economies, by leveraging the Google Firebase integration with Google Analytics.
  • This offers developers and creators a uniquely powerful window into the game and product economies, with the ability to track and analyze performance.
  • This data can be used to A/B test pricing, adjust pricing, and optimizing pricing as needed.
  • It means blockchain-backed assets can be tracked- where they appear in the gaming ecosystem, the downstream royalties (e.g. from the sale and re-sale of an NFT where the dev has royalty rights)
  • The integration of analytics with Web 3 economic management is a critically important aspect needed to “steer” a distributed economy in a healthy direction.
Last modified 1mo ago