READYgg as a testnet

For Web2 gaming studios, READYgg offers an effcient lower-risk path to testing and learning. Studios can use READYgg's live operations infrastructure and $RDYX tokenomics as a method to quickly standup a Web3 gaming test, generate real-world data, and reach a de-risked, qualified opinion on how best to integrate Web3 gaming into a studio's gaming portfolio, by answering these questions:

  • Should studios adapt existing Web2 games to Web3 mechanics?

  • Should studios release new "purpose built" Web3 titles from scratch?

  • Should studios create their own live operations stack to manage Web3 gaming, if so with what features?

  • Should studios issue their own utility and governance token to support their games? If so, how would their tokenomics work? What evidence can be shown to investors and players that these tokenomics effectively align all stakeholder interests for the long term?

  • How can studios evangelize the Web3 opportunity and build goodwill with their existing Web2 player communities.

Working inside the READYgg ecosystem as a testnet enables Web2 studios to answer these questions (and more) with direct, hands-on data, generated in a safe, scalable, and accessible environment.

Post learning, the studio may conclude that using READYgg's live operations infrastructure, an the shared tokenomics of $RDYX are powerful de-risking factors, with material operating and financial upside. Or they may conclude that they have a robust empirical rationale to build their own game-affiliated ecosystem.

Whichever the path the studio may opt to pursue - within the READYgg ecosystem or in their own (or another) ecosystem- Ready serves as their initial native guide towards reaching an informed decision.

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