Extensibility - Layer0

The READYgg API is platform agnostic- it supports events on mobile, desktop, console. It allows for cross-game and cross-platform play. A convenience SDK for Unity and Unreal supports easy access to the on-chain data calls from inside the game dev environment. View the SDK documentation.
The SDK supports player account abstraction via the Ready wallet methods, enabling:
  • Players to manage game assets that, technically, operate on different L1/L2 providers, such as Ethereum and non-Ethereum based chains.
  • Players can easily connect their Ready wallet to third-party wallets inside the player dashboard, enabling the management of game assets inside and outside web3 games operating on Ready.
  • The Ready wallet is non-custodial, with Ready having no access to the user's passphrase directly.
This video shows a player, inside an iOS game, creating their READYgg wallet and passphrase without leaving the game experience:
Creating a wallet in game using Ready's SDK
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