Ecosystem Fund

The Ecosystem Fund fulfills a Web3 vision of inclusivity, diversity, and giving power back to the consumer - allowing anyone to be a part of the blockchain. As gaming becomes more representative of diverse populations around the world, Ready’s vision is that the Ecosystem Fund helps empower and support underserved developers and creators that, for example, identify as women, BIPOC and LGBTQ+.
The Ecosystem Fund is designed to receive ongoing revenues from marketplace fees. As the marketplace GDP grows, along with the value of an RDYX token, the Ecosystem Fund becomes a self-sustaining investment arm of the ecosystem. In the first phases of governance decentralization, the allocation of funds from the Ecosystem Fund is governed by READYgg. The Ecosystem Fund is based on these principles:
  • At start, 36% of the RDYX token issuance is earmarked for the Ecosystem Fund.
  • In Q3 2022, the first votes are presented to the community to advise on the distribution of tokens from the Ecosystem Fund, under the rubric of “dev to earn” and “create to earn” - targeting high-value dev teams and creators who bring material benefits to the growth of the ecosystem.
  • A portion of community token distribution must serve towards investing in the developer and creator ecosystem by empowering underserved communities, such as women, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ developers and creators.
  • Beginning in 2023 (or sooner if determined as feasible by READYgg), the Ecosystem Fund will receive 4.25% of all transactions in the marketplace (“marketplace fees”) net of any app store commissions. This will ensure long-term resources: as the ecosystem grows, the Ecosystem Fund’s ability to invest in a bright future grows with it.
  • By Q1 2025 it is presumed that governance of the Ecosystem Fund is fully distributed, with READYgg losing direct control.
The Ecosystem Fund also generates the yield for the Staking Vault. See “Market Making Mechanisms” below for more details on ways the Ecosystem Fund can manage and distribute rewards.