Frequently Asked Questions

What is READYgg?

A next-gen gaming platform that empowers game makers and game players - that’s YOU 👊 - to become an OWNER of the next-gen platform for gaming… by simply becoming an active member of the ecosystem.

Become an owner by either making games or playing games on READYgg, and by participating in the READYgg community on socials. The more you do, the more you own!

How do I participate?

As a game PLAYER you hop into one of our current seasons and LEVEL UP! Our Seasons Page is over here.

As a game MAKER - hop over to our dev page over here and explore how you can bring your game into READYgg.

What is $RDYX?

$RDYX - or “Ready x” - is the native utility token for the READYgg gaming ecosystem. As a player $RDYX can be used to:

  • Unlock ecosystem level rewards - subscriptions, discounts, and other perks - that can be used across games in the READYgg ecosystem.

  • Purchase assets from other players within READYgg marketplaces.

  • Earn fiat once $RDYX is trading on exchanges.

For devs, $RDYX unlocks cross-chain minting for in-game assets, with price discovery for ultra-low gas fees, and serves as loyalty currency for rewarding player staking of assets they’ve purchased in-game.

What games can I can play?

Games are constantly entering the ecosystem. An up-to-date list can be found at https://ready.gg/play-to-own/ in the carousel at the top of the page. Scroll through and discover what you can play today!

Do I need a crypto wallet to play?


OK that’s not helpful. What kind of wallet? Help!

As a player of any game on READYgg you are auto-magically given a READYgg wallet. This happens in-game without having to do very much to claim your wallet. The first time you play a game on READYgg, READYgg generates a custodial wallet - meaning you have a wallet just by entering the game, and starting to play.

Once you decide to start purchasing anything in the game, READYgg converts your wallet into a non-custodial wallet, meaning you now own your wallet directly. This requires you to generate a seed phrase- aka a password- to control your wallet. READYgg won’t be able to save or read your seed phrase. You’ll need to write it down somewhere safe or memorize it.

After the first time you play a game on READYgg, the next time you play another game, READYgg will know you’re a returning player and let you use the same wallet for any other game(s) on READYgg you decide to play.

Your wallet then essentially becomes… your identity! Everything that goes into your wallet is really going “into you” as a gamer- all the stuff you’ve bought, achievements you’ve earned, level progression in various games, friends lists - really anything gaming related - can go into this READYgg wallet/identity and it becomes yours forever. You now OWN your game history. You now OWN your game data. You now OWN the game assets you’ve purchased or earned by playing.

Welcome to ownership gaming!

What is ownership gaming?

Ownership gaming is how READYgg thinks about this new world gaming on the blockchain. Because every transaction on a blockchain is probably yours, without any central authority able to revoke what you’ve earned, achieved, or purchased, you’re forging a provable identity for life as a gamer!

The old days - or the current days - in traditional gaming, where all your achievements, friends, level progression, assets and so forth are locked up inside the servers of a game company that, at their whim, can delete them forever, or hide them from other games, is over.

Ownership gaming is a true revolution in gaming- it’s a change from the old to the new. No one knows for sure what it will mean over the coming months and years for you to build your own reputation as a gamer, that no one can take away from you- but we’re pretty sure it’s going to be awesome. It will unlock all kinds of future possibilities we will build together, once people can collectively carry with them, wherever they go, all they love and achieve in gaming. We think of your ownership of this as your reputational capital.

How can I get in touch with someone at READYgg?

Discord is good. Come over here.

What does the wallet do?

The wallet is used to hold players NFTS that they acquire in different games in the ecosystem. A player has a READYgg Vault that holds within it multiple wallets. When a player creates an account with READYgg and secures their vault with a password, we create a wallet for each of the supported chains. This allows players to get NFTs in any game with the same account.

Is it custodial or non-custodial?

We use both, custodial and non-custodial, to leverage both the easy onboarding and simplicity of the custodial wallets without trading off the security and more advanced features associated with non-custodial wallets.

In another words, you can play with a guest account, but is not really "yours" until you complete the READYgg registration.

What can people see in the wallet?

People can see their unique Player ID displayed in the Player Dashboard. We are planning to come up with a more comprehensive wallet display of their owned wallet to the upcoming Player dashboard releases.

How many people will get whitelisted for public sale?

Up to 3000

Are there any rewards for playing any READYgg games?

Yes. Rewards will vary depending on READYgg, developers or other partners. But here you can see some rewards already given to some players: PS5, Nintendo Switch, 100$ Play Store Gift Card.

Some games are giving NFTs to early users right now like Runestone Keeper, Cooking Yuumy, Quest 4 Fuel and on May 22nd, Oh My Cat: Survivor

I’m a Dev, what can I do to bring a game to READYgg?

READYgg provides all the tooling and documentation you need to get started as a dev building on READYgg. If you build in Unity, Unreal, Godot- we have SDKs for you that will make your onboarding super smooth. If you need an open API because you’re in Javascript or run your own game engine, we got you covered. Go to dev.ready.gg and dive in- you’ll find links to the Gitbook documentation and access to the SDKs over there. You could be up and running with basic calls to the blockchain in a half day. From there… we’re so excited to see what you’re working on!

Wen token?

TGE and listing is targeted for Q2-2024. So, like, this quarter!

LFG!!!! 🔥

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