Roadmap and long term development

In the first 36 months of operation, READYgg takes lead responsibility for ensuring technical and product innovation persist on the network. As control shifts to a DAO, these decisions - the long term roadmap, the technical priorities for innovation - will shift to the community.

In the near term (12 months), READYgg prioritizes:

  • Developing more efficient on-chain and off-chain methods to reduce transaction fees, to a level as close to “0” as possible.

  • Building modular UI/UX conventions that can be syndicated into games, that address the need to simplify access to blockchain transactions, such as wallets, inventory systems, minting / melting systems, that can easily be incorporated in-game.

  • Creating “frictionless” methods to merchandize / syndicate / sell creator content in both Ready-powered games and the wider Web 2 ecosystem. For example, enabling avatar cosmetics to be sold in an Instagram feed, or on Roblox, and developing web-based modules that integrate with blockchain transactions. For example, enabling the purchase of a skin directly from an Insta ad, connected to the Aura token.

  • Collaborating with other Web 3 ecosystems, to enable cross system content sharing.

  • Building a distributed backend cloud compute system to wean the ecosystem from dependence on any Web 2 providers, such as Google Firebase, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, with gas fees subsidizing a cost-efficient backbone.

  • Developing methods to enable DAO participation that favor a wide diversity of stakeholders, by making it easier to a) place items to a vote; b) debate the decision; c) vote, setting a standard for “crossing the chasm” when it comes to Web 3 governance.

  • Developing methods to properly surface “the wisdom of the crowd” in advance of full DAO transition, so that the overall quality of decisions proposed loses dependency on any one individual or group.

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