READYgg designed a token “market making” process that occurs in stages. The aim is to:

  • Generate early capital to establish a market value for the $RDYX token via private sales.

  • Use the capital raised to a) fund Ready team expansion necessary for building and supporting the ecosystem and b) create a price floor for $RDYX that can translate into the first Ecosystem Fund grants for devs, creators, and players.

The presale cycle is divided into two phases:

  • Pre-seed: these are the earliest investors, receiving advantageous financial terms.

  • Seed & strategic presale: future tranches of private investors, at a markup from the pre-seed sale.

Based on the progress of the presale, and the ecosystem uptake during the presale phases, READYgg then envisions a public sale. The financial floor set in the pre-sales is used to determine the price at public sale launch. The public sale will be carefully controlled. It is estimated approximately 1%-2% of the token supply will be made available in an initial public sale.

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