Token Design

In proceeding with a blockchain solution, READYgg identified the necessity of issuing a utility token with governance rights, for the purpose of enabling a truly distributed, community-owned gaming ecosystem. To proceed without a token would preclude the ability to generate distributed community governance, and would remove an important mechanism for rewarding the “early adopters” - be they devs, creators, or players- whose collective effort in building the ecosystem is central. A token with the correct design would solve these issues.
The proposed token has the following characteristics:
  • Community Treasury: A token reserve distributed as advances against future financial needs or funding rounds, to fund ecosystem development.
  • Ecosystem Fund: Enables incentive programs for early adopters to think long-term and work collaboratively towards the development of the ecosystem.
  • Staking Mechanism: To enable distributed governance, the RDYX token is designed with a staking system that, over time, vests control to the community regarding ecosystem decisions, such as the technical roadmap.