The READYgg Fuseblock is a combination of a smart contract abstraction layer- templated for easy configuration inside the developer's dashboard on READYgg - which also contains a quantity of the $RDYX token. READYgg's Fuseblock innovation supports game publishers in the minting of assets, chain-agnostically.
Fuseblocks operate as follows:
  • The game developer, after acquiring a Fuseblock, has the activation necessary to mint and distribute in-game assets to operate on the blockchain.
  • The Fuseblock unlocks the necessary smart contract templates, funds the minting (gas fees).
  • It allows the developer to infuse the in-game assets with some quantity of $RDYX to unlock player staking of purchased game assets.
  • This in turn serves as the method to generate "loyalty rewards" for players that make in-game purchase actions.
Fuseblocks can be sold to partner L1/L2s in bulk, enabling the participating layer to incentivize game publishers to operate on their chain, at a discount, with a turnkey solution in partnership with Ready to go from game ideation to activation.
This video shows a game developer using a Fuseblock to mint a series of NFTs for sale in game.
In the developer dashboard, minting NFTs using a Fuseblock