Secondary Tokens

To permit flexibility in the design of player loyalty systems, there are cases where a "secondary token" can be utilitized as a companion to the primary utility token.
This, for example, is seen in Axie Infinity, which in addition to their primary token (Axie Infinity Shards or $AXS), issued a secondary token called Smooth Love Potion ($SLP). The primary purpose of SLP is to reward player behavior by issuing a token that can be exchanged for in-game benefits.
In the development of the READYgg ecosystem, there may be unity for a secondary token, whose primary purpose is to reward player behavior across the ecosystem.
READYgg is considering the testing of a loyalty-based currency for players called $halo. Further details on $halo's potential utility and purpose can be found in the draft $halo whitepaper.
Last modified 1mo ago