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Team & Advisors

The $RDYX token is being developed by the Ready Makers Inc. team, building game creation tools since 2016. Team Ready consists of 12 employees, largely concentrated in Canada.
Ready promotes diversity and inclusiveness in its own team while promoting projects and creating tools that allow for diverse representation with an accessible mobile-first approach, appealing to a wide audience. Ready has signed on to BITKRAFT Ventures’ (an investor in Ready) Diversity Commitment to promote equality within the Gaming and Technology industry.

Management Team

David S. Bennahum, Chairman & CEO Ready. Bio
Christina Macedo, COO/CPO. Bio
Martin Cormier, CTO. Bio
KJ Mercer, Product Design Lead. Bio


Strauss Zelnick, Chairman & CEO Take2. Bio
Scott Rupp, Founding Managing Partner, BITKRAFT Ventures. Bio
Sinjin Bain, advisor Tencent America. Bio
Davidi Gilo, Gilo Ventures. Bio
Eric Braverman, CEO Schmidt Futuers. Bio
Douglas Rushkoff, Author & Futurist. Bio